Knowledge3 Advantage

Online Image provides a FRESH approach to designing and building your website. Our philosophy is to pioneer professional web strategies that clearly define your goals and functional requirements for the life cycle of your business. Too many website are all sizzle and not enough sell. They seem designed to inform but not to sell, not to gather and collect customer data. Those are NOT the sites we create.

Business Expertise

What separates us from others is our ABILITY to create a website that works according to business and marketing principles, not just an online brochure. A website that SELLS ITSELF. We understand business better. Our team's Internet expertise is reinforced by value-added personal "business experience" gained through entrepreneurship in industries such as hi-tech, health care, non-profit organization, retail and manufacturing.

Our Process

To begin, we analyze your business module, then come up with an online infrastructure that will grow your business on the Internet! In this step, we will decide what information to put on the web, how information flows and where to put which piece.

In these early stages and throughout, we feel it’s important to avoid the yes man” mentality, so we listen to what our client wants but also offer suggestions based on our experience to design a marketing oriented website that sells itself!

In addition, we’re fluent in the language and workings of search engines. So we offer in-depth knowledge to help our customer develop site content and copy that is search-engine friendly. And we design your website that is search-engine optimized that can sell itself!

Tailored Interface Design

After infrastructure design comes the interface design. This is the most creative phase. Finding the best way to present the infrastructure is what we really enjoy doing, and because every business is unique, every design from us is unique! We never use cookie cutter templates. We take pride in our design quality and it shows in the recognition we have garnered from many competitions such as those hosted by San Jose Web Guide and the International Best Website Designs.

Custom programming

For maximum efficiency, our key teams work in concert. While our design team is working on the interface design, our programming team starts on the back-end structure. We will determine what programming language to use, design the database, sketch out the programming steps for each information flow, and layout detailed beta testing plans. This step sets the foundation of the backend programming. We not only set programming strategies for current stage, but also build up the environment so that it’s easy for anyone to take over and maintain in the future.

Contact us for your needs, see the difference we can make for you!